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Lose yourself in tropical beach party vibes with this delicious pink grapefruit margarita.


Clayton’s Cocktails was an idea born in lockdown at the award-winning bar, Clayton's in Marlow, renowned for bringing quality music and serving up expertly mixed cocktails to those in the know. With both the dance floor and glasses empty they needed a way to get the music and cocktails to people’s homes and so it began. 


The Pampelita Margarita takes your classic margarita recipe of premium tequila, sugar and citrus and dials up the deliciousness with the addition of a ruby red grapefruit aperitif. 


Tangy, tropical and a taste sensation, the Pampelita Margarita is best served over ice with a juicy wedge of fresh grapefruit.


A 700ml bottle makes 7 x 100ml serves. ABV.10.6%

Clayton's Cocktails - Pampelita Margarita (70cl, 10.6%)

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