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Note: Delivery above relates to the members-only spirits being delivered or collected from the distillery, 3 times per year.


The Griffiths Brothers Members’ Club is a unique club, giving members access to a range of exclusive, members-only spirits, priority, and discounted access to a series of ‘spirited’ events at the distillery’s private drinking den, Mosquito Bar, and various other savings on the Griffiths Brothers’ range of spirits and goods. 


Why Griffiths Brothers Members’ Club?


Join Griffiths Brothers Members’ Club and get a 1-year membership giving you exclusive access to three unique 70cl, members-only, handcrafted gins delivered to your door at a notified time in March, July, and November.


Griffiths Brothers’ Master Distiller, Alex Griffiths, will share the story behind each unique creation, its profile, botanical make up and the fabulous serves that you can create in your home for all your gin-loving friends and family. Ask questions, give feedback, and learn all about the cold distillation process and why it gives the Griffiths Brothers’ spirits their signature flavour profiles. 


If that is not also get the following benefits: 


You will receive your Griffiths Brothers Members’ Club Card shortly after joining and your member-specific codes, which will give you the following discounts if you visit us at the distillery, or go to our website: 


  • Priority, discounted access (10% off) to all distillery events from tutored spirit tastings to food pairing events, parties, and gifting events 
  • A ‘gintastic’ 10% OFF any additional bottles of your members-exclusive gin range (while stocks last) 
  • 10% off ALL Griffiths Brothers branded products found in our distillery or online shop 
  • 10% off ALL drinks at the Griffiths Brothers’ exclusive bar, Mosquito Bar 
  • At the time of purchase, you will also get to choose from one of the following free gifts: a Griffiths Brothers branded t-shirt; a jigger to make your unique cocktails; or a Griffiths Brothers branded glass to sip your many creations from.  


WOW, what an amazing gift to yourself, or others if you are feeling ‘ginerous’! 


For more information please visit:

Griffiths Brothers Members' Club (GBMC) - INCLUDING delivery

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