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The perfect tasting gift set, for spirit lovers, containing 3 x 10cl bottles of your choice. Choose from the following list of premium Griffiths Brothers gins, Nine Tails rums and GB vodka:



Griffiths Brothers Original Gin (Citrus/Floral, 43.5% ABV)

G&T serving suggestion: 50ml of Original Gin with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic and plenty of ice
Garnish: Curl of fresh orange peel and a fresh bay leaf with the edges cut off


Griffiths Brothers Export Gin (Bold/Herbaceous, 46% ABV)

G&T serving suggestion: 50ml of No2 Gin with Fever-Tree Indian Tonic and plenty of ice
Garnish: A couple of quarter slices of pink grapefruit and a torn basil leaf

Griffiths Brothers St Lucia Gin (Smooth/Fruity, 44% ABV)

G&T serving suggestion: 50ml of No3 Gin with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic and plenty of ice
Garnish: A few raspberries


Nine Tails Black Spiced Rum (Rich/Deep, 42% ABV)

Serving suggestion: Great with Coke and lots of ice.
A super-spicy rum made with the finest Guyanese Demerara rum and a top-secret blend of spices. Cask-aged base and aged here at the distillery in American White Oak barrels. 


Nine Tails Cask-aged Rum (Smooth/Full Bodied, 42% ABV)

Serving suggestion: Drink neat with ice, or with Ginger Beer or Coke.
Rich, full-bodied and toasty. Made with the finest Guyanese Demerara rum and then aged in specifically made American White Oak barrels. No sweeteners or colours added.


Nine Tails White Spiced Rum (Aromatic/Fruity, 42% ABV)
Serving suggestion: Fantastic in a Jamaican Mule or Mojito.

Cold-distilled white rum: ginger, Persian limes, local honey and some of our cask-aged rum to enhance the smooth vanilla notes.



GB Vodka (Super-smooth/Cold Distilled, 42%)

Serving suggestion: Best served with soda or tonic water over lots of ice.

Botanical vodka re-distilled with fresh samphire, horseradish and lemon, to give a clean, yet perfectly balanced, authentic vodka with an ultra-smooth finish.


Griffiths Brothers Tasting Set (create your own set)

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