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  1. What exactly do I get for my membership?  A. You get the following benefits as a member:

    • Griffiths Brothers Members’ Club card  

    • 3 x EXCLUSIVE 70cl limited-edition gins with tasting notes and recommended serves - March, July, and November   

    • Option to buy more of the members’ only exclusive gins at a discounted rate of 10% off per bottle, while stocks last 

    • Priority notification and 10% off members’ discount at all distillery events 

    • Choice of free gift from a Griffiths Brothers or Griffiths Brothers Nine Tails t-shirt, jigger or Griffiths Brothers branded glass 

    • 10% off discount on all drinks from at the Griffiths Brothers Mosquito Bar and all Griffiths Brothers’ branded products sold at the distillery or in the online shop. 

  2. When do I get my exclusive limited-edition bottles of gin? A. March, July, and November   

  3. Do I have to join at a certain time of year? A. No, your membership will run for a year from the point you join to ensure that you get your three exclusive gins and access to a year’s events. 

  4. How much is membership? A. £145/person for 1-year’s membership, inc. delivery, or £130/person for 1-year’s membership, exc. delivery (collection only) 

  5. Can I pay monthly or quarterly for my membership? A. Only a 1-off payment for the full amount is available currently. 

  6. Can I change my mind and have my gins delivered if I chose the membership without delivery? A. Yes, but we will need to charge you for delivery. 

  7. How old do I have to be to join? 18 years old and over 

  8. How do I become a member? A. Membership can be bought by visiting the Members’ Club page on the website or on the online shop under Gifts. 

  9. Can my membership be automatically renewed annually? A. No but we will let you know when your membership is about to expire so that you can join for another year. 

  10. Can I buy the membership as a gift for someone? A. Yes. Please visit the Members’ Club page on the website or the Gift section on the online shop. Or please call us on 01494 713955. 

  11. What if I do not have an email address? A. Our current membership relies on members having access to email. However, if we get a number of requests for a postal service, we will of course investigate this.


  1. Do you do a membership for non gin drinkers. A. Not currently, but this is something we are working on e.g., rum, vodka, mocktails. Watch this space! 

  2. Can I drink a cocktail made up from my member-only spirit at the Mosquito Bar? A. Yes, while stocks last. Our bar opening times are as follows: 

  3. Wed 10am - 5pm shop 

  4. Thurs 10am - 5pm shop 

  5. Fri 10am - 5pm shop 

  6. Sat 10am - 5pm bar/shop 

  7. How do I buy my members-only gin? A. Please email or call 01494 713955. Your spirits will be available under the members’ section in the online shop or visit us at the distillery shop. You will need to enter your membership number to enable this purchase. 

  8. How much is the members-only gin? A. RRP is £35.00 per bottle but don’t forget to use your discount code to get your 10% off! 

  9. How do I pay to become a member? A. You can either pay online by credit or debit card using our secure payment service or call 01494 713955 and we can take payment for you over the phone using our in-house card machine. 

  10. Can I order other spirits to come with my exclusive limited-edition to save on postage? A. You will not be able to order other spirits on the first batch (as the despatch date for limited editions will not be fixed). However, you will be able to order other items for subsequent purchases of that batch of spirit.  


  1. Can I buy additional discounted tickets for my friends and family to attend events? Yes, you can buy up to 3 additional tickets, assuming availability, if you book and pay for the tickets using your member-specific discount code. 

  2. How do I book events with my discount? A. Tickets for all events can be bought under the Experiences section on the website or over the phone on 01494 713955. Your discount will be applied when you enter it in the promotions field. 

  3. Can I bring guests to Mosquito Bar? A. Yes, we welcome your friends and family. 


  1. I am already a subscriber to your e-news so get discounts emailed to me. Can I use multiple discounts when buying goods? A. Discounts may not be used in conjunction with another offer i.e., only 1 discount may be applied to a purchase at any one time. If members have signed up to the Griffiths Brothers e-news, they may also use these discount codes in place of their membership discounts if, for example, these offers are higher. 

  2. How do I get my discount? A. If you come to a distillery event, the Mosquito Bar, or the distillery shop, you can use your members' card to get your 10% discount. When you are sent your membership card, you will receive an accompanying letter containing your discount codes for when you wish to buy products or events on the online shop.  


  1. How will you use my data? A. Please visit our privacy statement for all the information you need. 

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