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First Limited edtion now available

We finally managed to get round to our first limited edition. Autumn special which almost turned in to winter special😊 We have always loved the changing of the seasons when the nights draw in it is a thought-provoking time autumn. Long dog walks by the river the changing of the colours on the trees and the autumn harvest of fruits and berries. With this is mind we wanted to use the inspiration of autumn time in the Chilterns to create a gin to capture some British autumn hedgerow flavours along with a sprinkling of the gin classic botanicals.

We started building a little framework of flavours by collected Rosehip from Little Marlow and some of Tony’s local honey from Marlow bottom.

We also had Citra hops distilled a while back from a brewery friend over in Aylesbury that we always wanted to use. These give a lovely subtle hoppy aroma. Citrus fruit we went back to our favourite fresh Spanish naval oranges and added bitter orange to add depth to the flavour. Floral flavours coming from hibiscus lavender and orris root. Hibiscus and Lavender blend perfectly with the honey.

Meadowsweet and Raspberry leaf were added. Although the meadowsweet was not local it can be found all over the Chilterns in woods and hedgerows. This has a strong fragrant flavour slightly medicinal. Whilst Raspberry leaf adds a pleasing hint of berry. Spice we added all spice and cassia and cardamom which work so well with the orange and remind us of all those hearty Autumn dishes.

Tasting notes : Zesty citrus spice gin with honey and rosehip notes throughout lead in to cinnamon notes from the cassia followed by a pleasing herbal finish.

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