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Mosquito Gin to take flight for Pub Opening 4th July

Griffiths Brothers is delighted to announce the launch of our latest edition - Mosquito Gin!

This limited-edition gin is our tribute to the Mosquito war plane that was once built in the same Penn Street factory where our distillery stands today.

Mosquito Gin not only shares a common location with the Mosquito aeroplane; it also shares an intriguing and eccentric ingredient - spruce!

Spruce was one of the materials that de Havilland used to reinforce the iconic aircrafts’ apertures.

Alex: “The unique history of our building is a constant source of fascination and inspiration to me. I wanted to evoke some of the site’s wartime history by incorporating one of the Mosquito’s materials into our latest gin.”

Nicknamed the ‘Wooden Wonder’, the military plane was remarkable for being

constructed almost entirely of wood, in an age when aluminium was the main material of production. This seemingly outmoded choice of material was ultimately justified. Its timber frame made the aeroplane so light and fast that that Luftwaffe fighters could not catch it. Between 1941-1945, the Mosquito was one of the fastest combat aircraft in the world reaching a maximum speed of 415 mph.

We are the first and only gin distillery in the UK to incorporate spruce needles as a botanical.

Alex: “We harvested some of the spruce needles from the surrounding Penn Woods. The use of spruce needles is not as eccentric as it may seem. After all, juniper is one of the key botanicals of gin and juniper is a coniferous tree, just like spruce.”

The result is a juniper-led gin punctuated by piney citrus flavours and underscored by the dark fruit notes of blueberry.

Drew: “The unique use of spruce is a very tangible link between the aircraft and the gin. Hopefully, the spirit of the Mosquito plane has been captured in the spirit of the gin as a result.”

We have restricted this special, commemorative edition to a batch of just 2,000 bottles.

Drew: “Mosquito Gin will not only be popular with gin collectors, due to its unique botanical ingredient.

I think it will make an intriguing and poignant gift for any one who have a passion for aircraft or British military history.”

We hope you’ll agree that it’s a fitting tribute to the Wooden Wonder planes and the engineers who built them over eighty years ago, in the very same building that our distillery stands today!

Mosquito Gin is available while stocks last from our online shop at

From the 4th July

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