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Winter Damson Gin

It's been a tough year for everyone so we have decided to treat you all this Christmas to another Gin release....Damson Gin!

Our Winter Damson Gin is made with the freshest, juiciest damson plums from Styam Farm which are sweet enough, so no sugar or sweeteners in this bottle of fruity goodness!

This beautiful gin has a fruity base from the wild blueberries and damsons, followed by citrus notes and herbaceous warmth from the sage and balanced by the sweet yet tart finish.

It was a long process to get this gin just right; we wanted it to be gin forward rather than another liqueur like our Sloe Gin. After many tasting trials from the team and extended family and friends, we believe we have got the perfect balance of damson to gin ratio.

This gin is great served with tonic and a lemon wedge or blueberries, or is sweet enough to be enjoyed on its own with ice.

Available now while stocks last!

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