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GB Journal – Members’ Club First Gin Release

It’s launch day, the sun is shining, and our first ever members' gin is leaving the distillery.

However, it’s not too late to join to access immediate benefits…

You can join our members' club at any point in the year and receive the full twelve months of benefits BUT sign up today (or by 30th April) and receive the additional bonus of your first members' gin, aptly named ‘Spring Is Here’, with your membership package. That’s right, a 70cl unique batch gin, created, distilled, and bottled by our Master Distiller, only to be sipped by our members.

What’s in it for you?

Our club has been up and running for a few months, welcoming new members with their membership packs and working behind the scenes to curate the first batch of unique members’ gin.

Following this first offering will be two more exclusive members' gins throughout the 12-month period. You can also enjoy a 10% discount off Griffiths Brothers products in the distillery shop and online, as well as exclusive news, invites and discounts to special events and Master Distiller, Alex Griffiths, on hand to guide you with tasting notes and perfect serves.

Why a members' club?

It’s not an unfamiliar concept and there are lots of offerings available, so we considered how we could establish both a personal and unique package that addresses current demands. We know the recent pandemic and subsequent lockdowns saw a growth in consumers creating their own alcoholic drinks and mixes at home; forcing kitchen creativity and the rise in popularity of the ‘home bar’ in a time when pubs and restaurants had to sadly shut their doors. The trend of creating premium drinks at home isn’t subsiding, especially in the current economic crisis. We believe our membership addresses the demand by uniting both our knowledge and our premium spirits whilst offering quality and value. It also provides a regular top up to your spirit collection, albeit a unique one, and a year-round discount on all further purchases. Additionally, each limited spirit comes with its own tailored guided tasting notes, perfect serve recommendations and cocktail inspiration; all curated so you can enjoy being experimental with your serves at home.

AND we have flexible membership options…

Our inclusive members’ club offers two packages, one that includes delivery of your welcome pack, free gift and three exclusive gins throughout the year and one that offers members who are more local a package excluding delivery costs, so your gin can be collected from the distillery shop.

So, DON'T MISS OUT, become a member today.

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