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Introducing Nine Tails Rum

Today is a very special day for us here at Griffiths Brothers as we finally launch a new spirit.

We know there have been rumours and whisperings from our social media teasing, but now we can finally say the cat is out of the bag...

We have had some time to spare this year during Lockdown 1.0 and so began working towards this launch, as we have always wanted to branch out into different spirits, especially Rum. In fact at family events there is often more Rum drank than Gin so we just had to make our own, and coincidently our Rum line is launching during Lockdown 2.0!

We have produced a fantastic Rum line containing 3 Rums: White Rum, Cask Aged Rum and a Black Spiced Rum!

The Rums

White Rum:

Our Nine Tails White Spiced Rum is distilled with the key flavours of punchy Ginger, Persian Limes and Local Honey, made only a mile away from our distillery. We have incorporated some of our Cask Aged Rum to expose a whisper of woody depth and enhance the super smooth vanilla notes. This Rum is especially great as it is the worlds first cold distilled White Rum! This Rum is beautifully diverse so great for cocktails; we love Jamaican Mules and Mojitos!

Cask Aged Rum:

Our Nine Tails Cask-Aged Rum is made with the finest Guyanan Demerara Rum and takes you on a journey of full-bodied and elegantly rich fruit flavours. This Rum is crafted by hand then aged in specially made American White Oak barrels for the particular woody depth we were after. This Rum has been purposely left at its purest form with no sweeteners or colours but deliciously natural. We love to drink this neat with ice or with Ginger Beer or Coke.

Black Spiced Rum:

Our Nine Tails Black Spiced Rum has a beautiful blend of top secret spices to form the most fantastic flavoursome mix. This Spirit has been crafted by hand and made with the finest Guyanan Demerara Rum with a Cask Aged base, implementing a whole new dimension of flavour and rich depth. We love this Rum with lots of ice and Coke.

The Name

With a new spirit comes a new line and path for Griffiths Brothers Distillery! We have decided to launch our Rums with the name 'Nine Tails'.

The Name:

Royal Naval Seafarers were given a daily tot of Rum to keep them in line. There was also the threat of the deadly leather whip with nine tails - Cat O' Nine Tails, which was kept in a bag, and when revealed had the taste of blood, hence the expression 'Don't Let The Cat Out of the Bag.'

What a funny year it has been, but what a great new beginning for us all here at Griffiths Brothers Distillery!

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