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Lockdown 2.0

As we approach the second nationwide lockdown this year in the UK, things may seem bleak, especially leading up to the festive season.

With the restrictions beginning on Thursday 5th November, unfortunately all of our Distillery tours will be postponed to a later date when the restrictions have lifted. For those of you who have booked a tour with us, you should receive an email regarding this.

On a more positive note, our shop will still be open throughout this lockdown as thankfully (and we whole heartedly agree) alcohol is an essential item! Our doors are open Tuesday- Saturday 10am-5pm, but we do please ask that you remember your masks when in the shop. Our shop is cleaned regularly and has our own GinHandTonic hand sanitisers placed around the shop which we advise you to use, and is also available for you to buy.

Many of the local markets we attend are still going ahead as they are outdoors; we will hopefully see many of you there.

We also have lots of new exciting products and projects coming your way!

We can guarantee that even in a second lockdown, your alcohol needs will be met and our team are here to help every step of the way.

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