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Refill Your Gin Scheme

Keeping your bottle in the loop…

Going around in circles is usually futile - but that’s exactly what we’re aiming for with our bottles.

Glass bottles can be reused for an extremely long time, and whilst recycling is important, reusing is even better.

Restoring the bottle's original use by having a simple refill system in place will save on a bottle having to be recycled and save on the energy used to produce and transport another, equalling a win-win!

By participating in the refill scheme, you’ll not only save money but also reduce your environmental impact and support a more sustainable future.

Best of all, there are several benefits to refilling:

  •  Each refill will save you £4 on the original price, saving your pocket.

  •  Reusing is the most sustainable route to recycling and saving glass.

  •  Reducing the need to harvest new material prevents pollution and saves on energy.

  •  Helping us reduce our carbon footprint with one less bottle to produce, one less label, and one less stopper.

  •  Feel good by putting yourself in charge of your waste and choosing to reuse it.


  • First, make a trip to the distillery with your unwashed and labelled 70cl gin bottle, with its original stopper.

  • Then, choose from our Original Gin, Export Gin, or St Lucia Gin.

  • Next, our team will refill from our pre-filled, licensed dispenser and reseal.

  • Lastly, pay for your refilled bottle at the distillery shop, including a £4 saving.

Refill prices per bottle:

Original Gin - £30.00

Export Gin - £32.00

St Lucia Gin - £30.00


  • Only available on our 70cl Original Gin, Export Gin, and St Lucia Gin, subject to availability.

  • This is a trial scheme that may see us introduce some of our other spirits for refill.

  • You can refill at the distillery shop on Penn Street from Wednesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm.

  • You must bring a Griffiths Brothers unwashed and labelled gin bottle and stopper.

  • We cannot refill any other bottle.

  • Not available to trade customers.

  • You will save £4 on the original cost of the same gin at the time of the refill.

  • No other promotions can be used in conjunction with the refill.

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